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JUNE BLOWOUT SALE!!- FREE Shipping On Everything Until 06/30/2024
JUNE BLOWOUT SALE!!- FREE Shipping On Everything Until 06/30/2024

Tru Grit Fitness Runner Curved Manual Treadmill

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Current price $2,495.00

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Tru Grit Fitness Runner Curved Manual Treadmill


Product Description

You're probably wondering with so many non-motorized treadmills out there, what makes ours the best manual treadmill?

Don't be hassled with power cords, programs, or other unnecessary items that get in the way of your workout. Take your miles anywhere with our self-powered treadmill. Simple yet effective. As a 100% manually operated treadmill you will train harder, break goals faster and crush the competition. Whether you are looking to train during the winter cold, hot summer months, or mix up your running routine, look no further than the Grit Runner.

Find your stride and fine tune your running form with the Grit Runner. Simple and highly effective the Grit Runner is the market leader in self-powered treadmills. Manually operated with a cordless LCD screen, the Grit Runner provides a challenging workout compared to electric treadmills.  Reach your goals in no time using the  six levels of resistance that range from a lite resistance to intense sled push replication. Track your calories, distance, interval time all from a battery-powered LCD display that lets you track your progress. It's the closest to running outside you can get without leaving your home gym or basement. 

Curved Manual Runner Treadmill features a commercial-grade steel and aluminum frame, making it one of the most durable runners available. Time, distance, calories, speed, tempo, and watts are all displayed on the battery-powered LCD display. From zero to the equivalent of uphill interval exercise, these curved treadmills are motor-less, cordless, and self-propelled. Look no farther than the Grit Runner, a non-motorized treadmill to help you train throughout the chilly winter season, the hot summer months, or to simply change up your treadmill exercise routine.

Product Feature

  • Self-Powered Gym Grade Treadmill, But Also Great For Home Use

  • Unique 6 Level Resistance Speed Variations; Level 1 (No Resistance), Level 6 (Highest Resistance)

  • 100% Manually Operated Treadmill - Train Harder, Develop Better Cadence, Posture, And Balance

  • Minimal Assembly Required

  • Crafted From Commercial Grade Structural Steel & Aluminum


Level 1-2:  Run

Level 3-4:  Walk

Level 5-6:  Sled Push


Product Specifications

  • Material: Steel and aluminum frame

  • Promotes form and balance: Quick strides cadence, mid-foot & toe strike

  • Battery powered LCD display: time, distance, pace, speed, calories, and interval training modes

  • Design: Motor-less belt

  • Weight Capacity: up to 330 LB 


Thank you for purchasing Tru Grit Fitness, our company was established to provide our customers with top quality equipment at a reasonable price. Tru Grit Fitness warrants the product the original customer to ensure that you can trust the product that you purchase from our company. Please review the warranty details listed below.

Product Warranty Terms
Barbells  Lifetime Warranty 
Bench Frames  Lifetime Warranty 
Bushings & Bearings 1 Year Warranty 
Dumbbells 3 Year Warranty 
Grit Runner Tread Lifetime Warranty 

Lifetime Warranty 
Medballs  2 Year Warranty 
Rack Frames Lifetime Warranty 
Rig Frames Lifetime Warranty 
Sewing Seams  3 Year Warranty 
Structural or Product Welds Lifetime Warranty 
Upholstery or padding  90 Day Warranty 
Wheels 90 Day Warranty 
Inflatable Tub 1 Year Limited Warranty


Tru Grit Fitness will warranty all products from defect in material, workmanship, or functionality for the lifetime of the product. The warranty only applies to the original product purchased and is non-transferable. Please note that our warranty does not apply to product or barbell service and maintenance. We recommend you properly service and maintain your product for life long product longevity.

****Please note that warranty will not cover any product that has been damaged due to faulty or negligent use by the consumer. Tru Grit Fitness considers negligent or abusive miss use to include dropping product onto hard surfaces such as cement, dropping 10LB plates from overhead, dropping dumbbells from overhead, negligent storage of product in poor weather situations. Tru Grit Fitness will stand the test of time with proper care and use.****

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